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How to replace Ethan with a Mixamo character?


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Hi guys,

     I have a character I have downloaded from Mixamo, and I'm trying to figure out how to replace "Ethan" with my custom character, and also how to enable both 3rd-person and 1st-person controls, maybe with a toggle on the number keys 1 and 3.

     Here is the Mixamo character I'm trying to get into my world, his name is Yong.

First, what steps are necessary to most easily replace Ethan with Yong, so that the 3rd-person controller and camera follower works with Yong walking around instead of Ethan?

Second, how do I then go about adding a 1st-person controller that I can toggle with the 1 and 3 number keys?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer~


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You could use the Gaia custom player, and then just attach the controller to your character. 

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Hello. So I'm working through this, just trying to figure out how to make Yong act like Ethan. It seems impossible! 

I have clicked "add character" via the Gaia manager advanced tab, and in the "create runtime" tab, I have set the "custom player" field to be the Yong .fbx file.

 Now I have something called "Gaia Player" in the scene, and it has a "Gaia Scene Player" object, which is set to be the Yong .fbx file. 

So now when I look at the example with Ethan, there is a ThirdPersonController prefab object, which Ethan Body/Skeleton is a part of. When I try to drag Mixamo Yong "prefab" object or the Yong .fbx file object directly into the "Gaia Player" object on the scene, it does PARTIALLY work. But not the way Ethan works. The animation controllers and camera movement is all messed up. 

It should be a lot easier to get this working guys! I'm not trying to build a game with gray Ethan in it! Help???

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Ok, it seems if I add "Ethan" into the scene via the "create runtime" player controller - third person option, then it sticks Ethan in there. 

Then I get the Prefab ThirdPersonController object under the Gaia Player object in my scene, and I can remove all the Ethan sub-assets from it, and then drop Yong .fbx file into the ThirdPersonController Object. Then I set the Yong Controller to ThirdPersonAnimationController, and I have Yong walking around now like Ethan. Very nice!

I'm looking at making the Cinemachine options now to get a little finer control over player camera settings...

I'm still working on adding a first-person camera option with a 1 key toggle...

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Yeah, and there are several character controllers on the Unity asset store that you can attach to your player model. 
You may need to looks and see which ones fit your use case, but you could then just use the Gaia Custom player. 

This is the typical case for anyone wanting to change from the Unity Standard assets character Ethan or the car. 

The reason you want to use the custom controller if you cant get Ethans 3rd person controller working is because that ties into the other systems; water, skies, lightings, etc. that Gaia uses. 

Ethan is a boring character though haha, im surprised they didnt texture him or anything, but its really old. 

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I did finally get the cinemachine option working also, I might use it for aiming or first-person. One issue I had was with adding a follow target box inside the character for the cinemachine. It was conflicting with the "crouch" mechanism by causing a collision with the character, so I replaced the follow target with an empty object. 

It should be easier to get a custom character into the Gaia worlds, though, imho...

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We might look into this. 
Using a custom character should be as simple as changing the Gaia Runtime Player- Custom. 
The only thing with this is, you would need to have a custom controller attached to your custom player. 
I could see you simply attaching the third person scripts from the standard assets to your character but still going the custom route. 

I was unsure of Cinemachine though, granted the characters we use are the standard assets. 
So in theory if it works with the standard asset characters than it should work. 

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