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Just upgraded my Canopy to Pro


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I don't actually need anything from Procedural Worlds right now.  I already have Gaia Pro, Gena Pro, SECTR, Ambient Sounds, and Pegasus from the Asset Store.  I'm working in Unity 19.4 and don't plan on updating that until I have to.  Gaia made generating my maps (scenes with nothing but environment) fast and easy enough that I've had many more than I need for months now.  My plan was to get a Beginner subscription, keep an eye on things here, and upgrade later.  I mean face it, I'm essentially a pretentious hobbyist.  I'm one person, semi-retired, working on the first game of my life, part time.  

Today I read the posts in this forum.  

My interpretation is that Adam, you stuck your neck way out on this one and your loyal fans have taken their best shot at chopping it off.  Not the ones posting here and trying to build the community you want; but the ones ducking in, taking advantage of your generosity, and ducking back out.  You should have never sweetened the pot with your flagship products.

So I just signed up for a year of great stuff that's going to be nothing but a fun distraction from building my core game mechanic.  Because I want to put in a priority request:  Keep up the great work.  Seriously.  Two years ago, I was still in U 5.6 and taking a good hard look at switching to Unreal.  I stayed with Unity solely because of Gaia.  PW sets a standard of quality, ease of use, and professionalism that is unmatched; and Canopy is a reasonable extrapolation of that.  I'm more than willing to stick around while you iron out a few bugs and turn another Great Idea (tm) into a sustainable business model. 

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Ok, I'm a little bemused and confused...   Has anyone here heard about anyone saying that PW won't take their money?  I did the upgrade I was talking about above.  I have the pro subscription, according to everything here.  The dates are all wrong, but the subscription is there.  I've downloaded everything I might need (including Gaia's new version, and wasn't it a joy not to deal with the asset store downloads for that!).  But it never showed up on my debit card, and it never showed up on the payments tab either.  And I sprung for a full year.  

Is it possible that Canopy is not being ghosted? 

Is it possible the problem (or part of it; there are always *some* rectoids) is really with Invision not working properly with subscription upgrades or even maybe renewals?  One of my other side gigs is maintaining a handful of Wordpress sites, so I know firsthand that even something as simple as a Paypal link can fall apart on a whim.  

It's easy to grab what's available and run.  It's really only slightly harder to think for a minute about what's better in the long run.  Keeping Canopy around is clearly better for me in the long run.  I don't want to build my own biomes; I don't want to make my own stamps.  I don't ever want to make a three-level recursive nested spawner again.  If these people can't make money with Canopy, then Canopy is going to go away.  And my workload with Gaia and Gena is going to go from trivial to... moderate.  I'll probably have more fun, but it'll be longer before I can ditch my day job - which again, is more important to me in the long run.

Or it was just a glitch and I'm overreacting.  But for now I'm afraid to try to put it through again.  So, back to the original question: is it just me or has this happened to other people as well? 

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Thanks for your support!

Yeah, I have even had other publishers tell me how much they dislike subscriptions, and then get in and rip everything off... it was an effort not to respond i can tell you!

But.. this is a long term commitment... and the latest lot of content is being released as we speak.

I have big plans for Canopy, and I hope you enjoy our products and this content as it evolves!

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