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Introducing the PW Toolbox - Mesh Combining and Object Placement


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During the work on our regular (PW) Procedural Worlds tools or in project work we often have ideas for smaller tools that do not fit directly in one or our main tools. This led to the creation and launch of the “PW Toolbox”, a collection of useful tools for building and optimizing scenes.

This first iteration contains tools for quick positioning of multiple objects on the terrain and mesh combining. Mesh combining takes the meshes of multiple objects using the same materials and combines the meshes into a single mesh, and this can be used for static meshes to  improve performance, since less draw calls are required to draw the mesh over multiple smaller ones.

This technique is always a balancing act to get right and should be profiled as you experiment, but in our testing, depending on the scene, we can get up to 250% improvement in framerate, and for what is a largely one click operation, this is definitely a very welcome improvement!

You can get the tool in the Download area over here: PW Toolbox - Mesh Combining and Object Alignment

Instructions on how to use it can be found in the Library: 


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