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Installing all tools in project


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I subscribed to the professional tools package, and I'm wondering if I'm supposed to download the .unitypackages one by one and manually install them or is there a way to handle it through package manager? And are there any project templates that have everything already in it with an empty scene?


I've done this manually a couple times and it's really kind of a hassle. And I'm not really sure if I'm getting everything and doing it correctly. I get quite a few warnings and errors from Unity about importing things, like certain packages are for older/deprecated APIs and other issues. In tutorial videos I see people installing via package manager but obviously none of that is showing up there for me, since I subscribed through this website, and I'm having to import things one by ones from a folder where I downloaded the .unitypackage files. Some of the downloads also don't have the correct extension and I have to manually modify it to .unitypackage so it will be usable.


I'd really like to make this process a lot smoother because I expect I'll be messing up a few projects and throwing them away as I figure out how to use these toolsets. A "pro" project template with all the packages installed and configured would also be helpful as hell. Give me something I can mess up 25 times and just scrap and restart, lol. Or at least some good instructions on how I can make one. I'm using 2021.3.1 LTS, also, and I've experienced issues with both URP and HDRP pipelines. URP keeps throwing rendering errors and HDRP has problems with the viewport blacking out and doing weird things in Scene view. I'd also like to know how do I make sure I've got all of the content and packages I've subscribed to so I can play around with and experiment with everything. I have a full-time development job Mon-Fri, so this is something I only get to play with a bit on the weekends and would love to save some time and be able to experiment and learn faster.

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You might want to take a look at Asset Manager - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/utilities/project-asset-manager-126313?aid=1101l866w

It allows management of assets regardless of where you download them from. It also has a neat "essentials" feature which allows you to specify assets that should be included in all projects. It has loads more useful features but these are the two that will solve your problem here.

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