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Scene Optimizer Bug - Player falls through terrain immediately after optimization debug run-

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Hi everyone. I tried Scene Optimizer without much luck. Took an existing Gaia Pro 2021 + Gena Pro project and experimented with scene optimizer. My player was working fine before, but after debug mode scene optimizer ran, it just falls through the terrain. Perhaps I am missing something obvious? I tried doing just small objects for example...no difference. Note: My player start 120 units above ground normally (since he is jumping into the world with his parachute...this works fine normally)

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Update: So it appears you cannot add Untiy Terrains to the Scene Optimizer. Once those are excluded, the game works, but with very little performance gain on the FPS. (I have already done a lot of my own optimztion before using the tool)

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I removed run time player from optimize , that allowed the camera to move , but sadly no terrain was visible, just the optimized objects, such as houses, rocks, etc..., no trees visible, no water, was this a pre-emptive money grab to dev something that could be great ? 😞 🙂


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@Emile @YMAN64 The unity terrain itself should not be put into the scene optimizer - the mesh combining part of the tool works by looking at objects that share the same combination of materials to combine their meshes into a larger mesh - this would not apply to the unity terrain itself. We need to add a warning for that and / or make it so that the scene optimizer just ignores the unity terrain object itself.

@Emile Did you also apply the layer based distance culling to your scene as shown here in 9:20 onwards?

If you have a lot of game objects sharing the same material and you use the distance culling you should see a significant improvement because instead of rendering / culling a lot of objects individually, you should have a few groups objects that can be rendered / culled together.

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Thanks, yes I figured out to not include the Terrain. I also noticed it breaks/removes some game objects triggers, (health pickups for example) which I have also now excluded. This tool has a great start but so much more can be done. Looking forward to the next update. Yes, I was already using layer based culling for small/medium/large objects.  Even though my scene was already quite optimized before trying the tool, I still gained about another 10 to 15 FPS. Being a large Gaia Open World, it is not quite the performance I need yet however. (Now running at around 45 FPS) I already use many other techniques as well and making progress on the optimization.

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