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Do you get any tree and grass prefabs in Gaia?


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Please excuse the newbie question.... Just looking at Gaia and Gaia pro in the sale and wondering if I should reach for either. I've been using terrain tools  and vegetation spawner, is it the best version of them? or does it come with everything you need for your world? My main issue is trying to get really nice accurate models of European trees. Do either of them come with prefabs of trees and grass or is it the same case of getting the models from elsewhere? Does anyone know a good pack for European vegetation? I've been looking at speedtree but just seems incredibly expensive for my student project! Thanks

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Gaia Pro 2021 is the latest and has everything unlocked. 
It does come with additional biomes that are not included in Gaia 2021. 

Currently the World Building Bundle is on sale in the Unity asset store which does have all of our assets as well. 
Including Gaia Pro 2021. 

You are more than welcome to check out the vegetation that is included in the biomes, not sure if its 100 percent what you are after, however, you can use any tree prefab and include that into Gaia Pro 2021. Either from the asset store or even places like sketchfab might have something. 


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Thanks Bryan,

I've found the biomes in my research, and have taken advantage of the flash sale to get the bundle. At the very least it will make a superb looking second prototype. I guess a more informed way of asking my Q, is whether Procedural World offer additional biomes, like a UK forest one. I'll take a look at sketchfab thanks for the suggestion. 

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Gaia Pro 2021 does come with some additional biomes not included in Gaia 2021. 
You can use things like Nature Manufacture biomes as well and integrate that into Gaia Pro 2021 if you wanted. 
I believe Wizzards Code has done some videos on this on youtube (sorratheorc on canopy). 

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