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Troubleshooting spawn build and run


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Im using the Alpine Meadow Biome to spawn part of my island. 

At another point I have dragged in a palm tree from a supplier in the asset store.

At this point I can build and run the app.

If I add the same palm tree as a spawner in a custom biome, the app opens but just flickers.

Do you have any suggestions as to how I can troubleshoot this ? 

So basically I want to identify what setting or file / asset cases the build to fail if deployed using the Gaia Biome spawner.


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If you have boiled it down to the palm tree already, then it is most likely a custom shader on the tree causing this. A potential difference between dragging the tree into the scene and adding it via the spawner is that the spawner can spawn this as part of the terrain tree system, whereas dragging the tree into the scene would place it as a game object.
The terrain tree system has some restrictions as to how the tree model needs to be created for it to display properly, I could also imagine there is some issue with it on android when used as terrain tree for some reason.
Can you test this theory by not creating a Gaia spawner with the palm tree, but instead setting up the tree as terrain tree manually in the terrain inspector and painting it on the terrain? 

If it then shows the same flickering my theory might be right that there is an issue with this asset when being used as terrain tree.

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Thank you. I'll check that out now.

But yes, Ive just discovered that If I spawn with the palm tree as a game object, then untick the spawner, then build and run, it runs successfully inc the palm tree in the spawner. 

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Ok that strengthens the theory that the asset creates an issue when being used in the terrain tree system.  (Spawning as Game Object with Gaia is similar to dragging the object in the scene manually from a technical perspective). If spawning as Game Object works for you, you could use that as a workaround, if you want to use the terrain tree system you would need to dig further to find out which aspect of the tree prefab does not make it work in the terrain tree system.

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