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Bolt / Visual scripting


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I'd like to purchase Gaia Pro and I'd like to know if it is compatible with visual scripting.

The game/experience we are developing has a lot of interactions with the environment. For example, the player can control the weather (clouds, rain, wind, day/night cycle...), interact with the animals, plant trees, flowers... And we are also thinking about providing some tools to the player so they can do some terraforming on runtime (optional).

All these interactions will be made with graph scripts (Bolt).

Will Gaia work for us?





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Just to be clear: Is it possible to modify on runtime the behaviour of the animal, weather, plants, terrain included in Gaia using visual scripting? (cannot edit the previous message)

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I think you will have an easier time with GeNa Pro regarding this. 
Gaia currently is editor only design time. 
GeNa Pro is more Editor and Runtime spawning and soon terrain manipulation during runtime.
You can modify the spawners to spawn and modify the terrain at runtime currently as well.   

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