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Kingdom spawner pack not spawning walls


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The kingdom pack isnt spawning walls and a bunch of other things for me.  The nature pack works just fine.

The prefabs are set up correctly, I can see they fall through to the Kingdom assets, but they are not created in the Hierarchy.

Version 1.0.4 from Feb 17, 2022.

I dont know why this forum doesnt support uploads.  I cant just link the image properly.

Heres a google drive link to it:


A number of the hierachies dont spawn.  Houses mostly missing, a lot of the fence pieces are missing (like 1 piece of fence), the graves only spawn partially.

Nature Spawner all seems to work properly, like the ruins and the rock clusters.

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Can you please enable force spawn? 
This is more than likely having to do with collider issues. 
Meaning that the objects are spawning to close together and the bounds are not allowing the objects to fully spawn. 
Enabling force spawn should get all the objects to spawn. 
Please let me know how this goes. 


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