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Water material only seen when Player moves in , then it disappears??

Ahmed Swaroar

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I'm seeing this exact problem.  I created a scene for the Mac version of something I'm working on (where the water works fine) and then copied the scene over to another an almost identical project (for the mobile version).  I'm working on Android at the moment, and that exact thing happens - it looks like there's a tiny amount of distance between the min/max clip value, but having checked the cameras and the scene camera it's not that at all.  It looks identical to the Mac version in all ways, but just isn't showing the water.  The underwater part works great, but not the over water part!

Thinking it might just be that scene as I moved it over from something else, I created a new scene with a new Gaia terrain with water and I had the same issue.  Wondering if it was just a problem in the editor, I went ahead and built the project and ran it on an Android device and hit the same problems (actually with a few more issues - like underwater reflection being off) but  interestingly if I take the project and switch platform back to Desktop the water reappears in the editor and then disappears again when I switch back.

A possible issue using OpenGLES3 ?



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