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The name 'PWCommon5' does not exist in the current context


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I installed this package


and then i got this error:

Assets\Procedural Worlds\Gaia\Scripts\Utils\GaiaUtils.cs(2879,13): error CS0103: The name 'PWCommon5' does not exist in the current context

how do i fix this?

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It is a bit difficult to tell what is going on, when I check GaiaUtils.cs in the latest Gaia version, there is no mention of PWCommon5 in the line 2879, so I assume you are running an older Gaia version. If you double click the error it should open the code file at the offending line in your code editor, can you please post a screenshot of that, then I might be able to tell a bit more.
In general, the error means that it does not know what "PWCommon5" is supposed to mean in the Gaia code. Gaia however comes with a .dll where this "PWCommon5" is defined, you can find in the folder 
Assets\Procedural Worlds\Frameworks\PWCommon5DLL.dll
If this file is there and the .dll is recognized correctly, the compiler should know what "PWCommon5" is in your project. It is a bit strange that you are only getting one error though, I would expect that to pop up in a lot of scripts then.
If you can fix the error by removing the newtonsoft package again, you would need to find out what it contains that influences the compilation in the project so that it cannot compile the Gaia code anymore, I will try and see if I can reproduce this by installing the same package.

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Update: I installed the newtonsoft package in a project running latest Gaia and I'm not running in this issue so far.

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