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Create proxy meshes for sectors


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Hello, i have a noobish question if you dont mind 🙂 

I have Gaia pro along with Sectr and Gena. I sectorized my terrain into chunk (16 of 512*512 each). I am trying to create proxy meshes for all of them but when i hit the "Create Proxy Mesh" button on the SECTR Chunk component, i get the message that i need to select at least one mesh.

If i unfold the "Proxy Mesh Tool" section, i can see my terrain tile and all spawned game objects and converted trees in it.

The problem is that i can select my game objects and trees but there is no checkbox to select the terrain mesh !

Am i missing something here ?

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I guess i had to use some terrain to mesh tool to generate my terrain chunks meshes then use them to create proxy meshes in SECTR 👍

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