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Unable to locate the manager and sound source.

Go to solution Solved by Vaupell,

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1. I'm not seeing the sound manager attached to my camera..  
- Solution i just open via the menu to edit.

2. Sound source is not shown in editor or manager, and it's only instantialized during runtime,
which makes it very hard to control the audio.
Example i need to ensure my BGM goes to Music Mixer, and SFX to the SFX mixer.

At the moment i found no work around since it's spawned at run time.  How can i control the sound source when it's not available in editor?
I am looking for access to the "Output" mixer in the Audio Source Component.  

Was going to post a screenshot, but unable to upload anywhere or paste. So you just gotta guess what i mean. 

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Update:  So i manually added the script  "Ambience Manager" to my Camera.  
Which solved problem 1. 

Problem 2 still very much a problem, i can see under  -Output i can check "Use Audio Source"
which is great, however when i try to add a Audio Source, it's not allowing me to drag in a unity Audio Source. 

But when i look in the code, it appears to be defined, just not able to drag in any game object with audiosource on it.  

EDIT: I am now worried i am not able to separate the different sounds as i would like to, and it's all blasted through the same audio source, not matter what.. 

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Wonder why i can't edit my own post and have to answer to update.
Anyway Update,  i learned you can only add a "prefab" as the AudioSource, and not from the scene itself.

BUG: IT's not using the prefab, and it's settings when going into runtime. 
I created a prefab, adjusted the output to my SFX mixer,

Assigned the prefab in the manager as AudioSource Prefab, 
However in runtime, it's comepletely fresh, nothing saved..  So useless to have a prefab.  

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  • Solution

Solution found to problem 2. 

In the folder  PW/AS/Audio/Audio Prefabs/

No matter if i add a custom prefab, it will always load these, when using the demo 😄 Adjust these to learn.

However, the manager still needs to manually added, because it does not add it when clicking the menu. 

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