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Using the Spawn Rules of one Spawner in another

Sorra the Orc

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What I would like to do is take the resulting mask of a particular spawn rule and apply it as a mask in another spawn rule. As an example use case imagine a scene with lots of grass that uses noise to create dense areas and light areas for variation. Something like this :

I want to scatter debris across the scenes (e.g. small rocks, pebbles etc.). But there is no point in putting these in the dense grass areas as they will not be seen by the player and thus wasting polygons.

Now, if it's just a noise mask that's easy, though inconvenient. Simply copy the noise mask into the debris spawner and remember to update it every time you change it. However, in practice one never uses just a noise mask. When I add in my other masks for the grass areas what I actually have is:

So at this point I need to copy 5 masks and keep them in sync across two different spawners.

What I would love to be ablet to do is take the output of the grass masks and apply them to my debris spawner so that the latter will always update whenever I change anything in the former.

Is anything like this possible without resorting to painting masks by hand? If not I'll add it to the April wish list.

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Yeah it would be could to see if we could add the spawner mask option to copy all masks under the spawner instead of needing to copy every single one. Thats correct currently the only way is to copy each mask separately. 

However a workaround for the meantime would be to just duplicate the spawner itself and change the resources. 
Note you typically never want to duplicate the texture spawner only the resource spawners. This will keep the mask settings the same. 

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