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Avoid accidental addition of runtime

Sorra the Orc

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I don't use any of the Gaia Runtime items, yet I often find myself accidentally clicking the Add Runtime button given that it is right below the Spawn Biome button. Can you please, please, please at least move it so that it can't be accidentally pressed. Adding the runtime overwrites all sorts of settings I have on the camera, lighting and more. 

An even better solution would be to allow me to disable the runtime in the manager and if disabled the runtime buttons will be disabled (or will pop up a dialog saying I've disabled them would I like to enable them).

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The suggestion makes sense, the button was originally placed there to offer a shortcut for newcomers to get quick results after the biome spawning, but I can see how it can be disrupting if you hit it accidentally (which is not unlikely due to the placement). I would put a setting in the advanced panel for the biome controller that removes the button project-wide.


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