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[2021.2.16f1 / default RP] "ScreenShotter.cs(16,6): error CS0616: 'GaiaScriptOrder' is not an attribute class"


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Hi folks, just bought Gaia 2021 and excited to get started. 

Unfortunately upon import (no modifications to package), I get this script error:


Assets\Procedural Worlds\Gaia\Scripts\ValueAdds\ScreenShotter.cs(16,6): error CS0616: 'GaiaScriptOrder' is not an attribute class

This seems odd, because GaiaScriptOrder.cs clearly defines GaiaScriptOrder as an attribiute class:

namespace Gaia
    public class GaiaScriptOrder : Attribute

I could perhaps just delete ScreenShotter.cs, but I'd actually like the functionality. Any ideas? Thank you!

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Nevermind - solved right after I posted - I had a custom script Attribute.cs hiding the core C# definition of Attribute. 🙄 tried to edit but the forum won't let me. I'll leave this here in case anyone else makes the same dumb mistake!

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