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Asset Store Release: HDRP Road Decal Pack Vol.1


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We just released the HDRP Road Decal Pack Vol.1 on the unity asset store. This pack is 100% identical with the "Road Decals Volume 1" for the Canopy Pro subscribers. This gives users without a Pro subscription a way to acquire this package. You can find the package in the asset store here:

HDRP Road Decal Pack Vol. 1 on the Unity Asset Store

If you are a Canopy Pro subscriber you already have access to this pack via the Canopy download area:

Road Decals Volume 1 Download

About the HDRP Road Decal Pack Vol. 1:

Roads and asphalt surfaces in a 3D environment often suffer from uniformity - a plain paved surface does not give the eye much to look at, and can even look artificial, as we are used to seeing wear and tear on the roads that we travel on in real life.

This collection of 56 PBR HDRP Road decals addresses this issue and brings great variety and detail to any asphalt surface. Mix and match those details on your roads, pavements, parking lots, etc. to create really unique environments with that AAA finish.

Trailer / Quickstart Guide:



To learn more about how to use the pack, please watch the quickstart guide video above and visit the documentation article in the Canopy Library:


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