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Asset Store Release: PWS - SUNTAIL Stylized Fantasy Village - Spawner Pack


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We just released the PWS - SUNTAIL Stylized Fantasy Village - Spawner Pack - on the Unity Asset Store.  This gives users without a Pro subscription a way to acquire this package. You can find the package in the asset store here:

PWS - SUNTAIL Stylized Fantasy Village - Spawner Pack on the Unity Asset Store

If you are a Canopy Pro subscriber you already have access to this pack via the Canopy download area:

PWS - SUNTAIL Stylized Fantasy Village - Spawner Pack download

Here is the original announcement when the pack launched on Canopy in case you missed it:

PWS are packages with ready-made configurations for our tools GeNa Pro and Gaia Pro 2021. Each pack is tailored towards a specific asset pack from the unity asset store. With these packs you can quickly spawn the assets from the respective packs on your terrains, and spawn a complete Gaia Biome to fill up empty spots on the fly.

Our newest pack targets the SUNTAIL Stylized Fantasy Village pack by Raygeas. Please watch this tutorial to get an impression what you can do with this pack:


Grab 20220311210826 w3840h2160 x-18y45z-329r167.png
Grab 20220311210642 w3840h2160 x215y44z-150r162.png
Grab 20220311212603 w3840h2160 x204y49z-234r270.png
Grab 20220311211231 w3840h2160 x169y45z-136r91.png
Grab 20220311213114 w3840h2160 x-131y46z-245r314.png
Grab 20220311212331 w3840h2160 x74y52z-94r155.png
Grab 20220311211034 w3840h2160 x246y44z-123r211.png

For more information about how to use this pack, please watch the quickstart guide video above, or see the documentation article in the Canopy Library.

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