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Gaia/Gena and Atavism.


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I have permission to post this from Martin at Atavism.

Many of us using Atavism also use Gaia and Gena for our instances, and until recently all placement of MOBS and NPC's has been a long laborious task of placing them live in world using a MOB spawner.

Releasing in a couple of weeks, is version 10.6. of Atavism.

One of the big features in that will be the ability to place Mobs and NPC's from the scene editor window,  however, the guys at Dragonsan have gone even further and have built it in such a way that it will be fully compatable with Gaia/Gena spawning, including Gaia Biomes, so that you will now be able to spawn MOB's based on Biome rules..  eg  grassland MOBS, Desert MOBS,  or altitude based spawning.

You will be able to place them and then, also in scene view, you will be able to load them from the database to recreate them in the scene heirarchy if necessary to view them in the editor rather than having to power up the world to check.

Whilst not a total integration of all aspects, I thought this was worth highlighting as for me, certainly, this will be a major change and is a huge merge between the two products.



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