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Low Hills Stamp Pack


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We just released another stamp pack in the download area, the Low Hills Stamp Pack. Mountains are nice, but difficult to traverse without flying. The low hills stamp offer a nice middle ground for having a feature on your terrain that includes a noticeable height change, but is not to steep on the other hand so it can still be traveled upon and allows for placement of buildings, etc.

Here are some impressions of the stamps included in the pack:

Grab 20211222174341 w1920h1080 x376y192z347r230.png
Grab 20211222174404 w1920h1080 x376y192z347r230.png
Grab 20211222174426 w1920h1080 x376y192z347r230.png
Grab 20211222174519 w1920h1080 x376y192z347r230.png
Grab 20211222174255 w1920h1080 x376y192z347r230.png
Grab 20211222174317 w1920h1080 x376y192z347r230.png

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