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Bright trees at night

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I'm Using PWS Polygon Nature with HDRP.

It works well with Day Lighting Profile but at Night, distant trees are very bright. 


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Hi, I checked, and I was able to reproduce the issue. This has to do with the shaders used in HDRP, they are using Emission on the billboard stage of the trees (the lowest level of detail that is displayed when the tree is far away). This makes it look like they are "emitting light" in the dark.
I assume it was done this way to work around issues with rendering billboards in HDRP during daytime, I know from other situations where it can be difficult to get the color of the billboard stage to match with the actual tree model, however the effect it has on the scene during day time seems to be minimal.

What you can do to fix this for now for your night scene is the following:

1. Go through the materials in these two folders:


2. For each folder, select all the materials and adjust the Emissive Color to be full black instead. Keep an eye on the scene view to and you should see that the trees stop shining in the distance:


When I check back with daytime lighting, there seems to be no visual downside for me to turn off the emissive color this way. We need to review this and unless there is some issue that I'm not aware of we might make this the standard setting then.

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I also ran into this problem, it does look like you are possibly having a different issue but here is my 2 cents anyways 🙂

So when I auto converted materials it put them all HDRP/Lit which adds a weird backgroundish light, had to manually change the shader to HDRP/Unlit

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Thank you @Peter, I would never have found it on my own!

Your detailed explanations are very clear.

I will continue to work on my night scene and let you know.  


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