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GeNa Pro Early Access with Mesh Extrusions


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We are happy to present our first Early Access feature for our Pro subscribers: In the Download Area you can now find an Early Access version of GeNa Pro with Mesh Extrusions! This feature is another spline extension that allows you to create meshes along your spline in custom shapes. This means you can create things like:

  • Tunnels
  • Bridges
  • Walls
  • Guard rails
  • Sidewalks
  • Dams
  • Trenches
  • Caves
  • Custom road meshes
  • And much more

So everything where you would need a mesh shape to be created along with your spline, you could use this tool to get a mesh generated that follows your spline shape.

It currently does *NOT* dig in the terrain yet, but we are working on a feature to make it integrate with the terrain holes feature of unity. At the moment when creating things like tunnels or caves, you would need to create the holes manually and cover up the seams of the terrain hole e.g. by placing an “entrance” mesh over it. (Which is something you would do anyways in most cases, for example a cave entrance or a railroad tunnel entrance.)

This tool features a cross-section editor for creating the mesh shape & UV mapping for the generated mesh, which allows for much more use cases because you can better control the texturing rather than just being able to apply a generic material.

Since this tool is still in development yet, we do not have example configurations for it yet. It is recommended to follow the instructions article in the library for creating your first extrusions until you get the hang of this tool.

Here are some first screenshots of the tool in action:





EDIT: Added more screenshots

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Here is another demo of what you can make with extrusions.. in this case... we made the dam wall!


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