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How to disable gaia planar reflections?

Ugur Tuna

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  I disabled reflection setting but when I check the profiler; I saw gaia planar reflection camera still uses performance even the main camera wasn't see the water surface. I disabled the component than fps increased. I tried couple of times and fps increases: when pause the gameplay; disable gaia planar reflection component, resume the game. But if I disable the component than start the game, gaia throws error and it creates another gaia planar reflection game object. So how can I disable permenently gaia planar reflection?

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This thing bothers me as well, I noticed that disabling Reflections in Gaia Water, and ticking Disable Skybox Reflection doesn't force it in my scene all the time, however - it still spawns into any scene when I open it, and any game scene when I start the game. It doesn't do anything though, and seems to just be there. It's really annoying.

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