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About windows build issue (black screen)

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When I start built game, the screen is always black.  I did some tests and found the problem.  Biome and spawners in "Terrain Loader Manager/Terain Loaders" should keep the same option,both editor selected or both disabled. However, the default is that biome is disabled and spawners is editor selected.  I don't know if this is normal, so feed back here.

Unity 2021.2.8 &2021.2.14  HDRP


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Hi @Wuyan, it is normal that the terrain loading on the biome controller is disabled initially. This has to do with the terrain creation workflow from the world designer / stamper when the terrains are first being created, but it should do no harm when you active the terrain loading on that tool later.
I just did a test with the biome controller being disabled for terrain loading in HDRP Unity 2021.2.14f and I did not get a black screen on build. Since this fixed it for you we will forward this to other users who also run into this problem, but I think there might be more to it than the loader configuration in Gaia.
If you encounter the issue again, please try to create a development build (to see if it displays any error messages in the dev console) check the player logfile of the build to see if you can see anything at the ending of the file that can be associated with the crash / black screen.
I myself did encounter a black screen upon build once, but could not fix it even if I deleted all(!) the content from the scene. The same scene then magically started working again in a build after I saved it under a new name and started the build then.

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