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Synty Sci-Fi Worlds


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We have seen the pack and it looks really awesome, but we are also a bit reluctant to attack that one next because there is just so much content in it, it looks like it has 5 times the content of a regular synty pack. If we wanted to do it justice so that we have spawners in there for everything where it makes sense, that would take us quite some time to do. The bar for entrance is also rather high with the cost of the pack (which is justified given the amount of stuff in there!)
So we would fear that it would occupy our resources for quite some time until we got it done, and then only a couple of users -  who own the pack and are willing to get our spawner pack as well on top of that through asset store or canopy subscription - would benefit from it.
What do other users think? The pack in question would be this one here:


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To get a sense of the amount of work involved, the Fantasy Kingdom Spawner Pack was 4 man months of work to put together, and there is still a lot more we could do.

One approach to this would potentially be to build it out in releases, and gradually add more spawners. We will see what our subscribers think.

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Is there some version where we can do a crowd source model with you guys "vetting" the work?  I also wonder what Synty would actually weigh in as well.  That sci-fi pack is massive and one of the limiting factors on something that big is the workflow management.  

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This is a good suggestion. I'm not sure how much time PW staff could put into "vetting" our work, but having them look over and make suggestions would be immensely valuable.

I don't own the Synty pack so I can't help there, but I do have a couple of Gaia Biomes on GitHub under an open source license. This evening I am moving them out into their own package repository so they are easier to obtain and contribute to. If PW staff were able to provide their input that would undoubtedly improve the quality. Though I'm going to go ahead and do it anyway. Maybe someone else here can help.

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Something like this could probably be done on the side while we do other packs, but yeah like Adam said this pack is huge and would take a while to make Gena and Gaia spawners.

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I personally never used  Synty packs, but are any of them modular ??  if they are, you could set up presets for various ones, to use them across packs...  I for one, do this with my own art assets and been able to use with Unreal, clients this way in the past..

This is one reason Modular work flow is import. Also setting up presets, that work with other various prefabs/packs like  Synty packs, or any other art/prefabs. 


Just a suggestion, because yes this was the comment I made to Brian when you guys first talked about making things, I said to him, you guys could get caught up in some huge projects causing your team to be tided up for months and months on a pack that helps only a few users..  to me makes no sense. 


So, I would be looking at where you guys can re-use presets, spawners through most art assets across the store .. or even people own, art. but this would be designed by certain type of modular assets.


Like for example, say you made a spawner of a car, with grass around it and junk, like I seen a scene with a  Synty pack , looks Post Apoc, where you could spawn, other art just like it based on a certain setting.  The key is to make sure everything is scaled the same  and to make sure objects cant  stack on one another, I use masking this helps.. 

This way i'm able to use alot of my same prefabs, when I use new art, that I make. so I can't see why this would not work for  Synty pack  or other forms of assets.  Unless they are different scales, and not modular. 

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