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Published: Game Ready Level 2 - Fantasy Kingdom


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We relased the next Game Ready Level using the POLYGON - Fantasy Kingdom pack by Synty as asset basis. This time around you (or your players) can explore a place high up in the mountains. 

"Game Ready Levels" are ready-made and optimized scenes that you can freely use for your own projects. The scene uses the Polygon - Fanatasy Kindgdom Asset Pack by Synty as common asset base, and was made with our own PWS Spawner Pack and GeNa and Gaia. It contains a complete mountain valley terrain with a lot of different locations for gameplay opportunities.

You can use this scene as regular game level, for rapid prototyping game ideas, for inspiration and also as learning point for your own future scenes. This scene is available for built-in only, but as with the first scene we will release separate versions for URP and HDRP shortly.

The pack is available for our Canopy Pro subscribers here:

Game Ready Level 2 - Fantasy Kingdom Download




Grab 20220301165100 w3840h2160 x-82y170z-334r304.png
Grab 20220301165203 w3840h2160 x339y87z-200r339.png

Grab 20220301165241 w3840h2160 x195y112z427r189.png
Grab 20220301165807 w3840h2160 x-4y71z16r42.png

For more information about how to use the pack, please see the article in the Canopy Library.

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