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Procedure for upgrading Gena Pro in an active project


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What is the proper procedure for upgrading one of your assets into an existing project? For instance, I have a project which I spent a lot of time on and I want to upgrade the Gena Pro.  I have already made a backup copy of my project in case something goes wrong.

When I call up import of the upgraded Gena  Pro, there are  items marked new, items with caution signs, and some with nothing noted. Which do I keep and which do I not import?

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If not stated otherwise in the release notes on the assetstore, you simply import the new version over the old one. When files need to be deleted, then there is in most cases a note somehwere in the release notes to delete the whole installation folder. This doesn't mean that there is no possibility for a list of the changed/new files for each version for you to see what to import or not, but it is very unlikely that there is one. As far as I know this information is not available. 

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This is correct, unless stated otherwise you can simply import over the old version. 
This will always be posted in the release notes if you need to do anything other than import over the asset. 

However, if you are moving from GeNa 2 to GeNa Pro this is a different story as this was a complete change. 
You will need to remove the old GeNa 2 before importing GeNa Pro. 

Just make sure that you are in the correct version that is supported. 
With GeNa Pro is 2019.4 and above! 

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