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Update: Gaia 2021 v3.2.1


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We released an update for Gaia 2021. This update contains a few smaller fixes from support feedback. The update is available for our Canopy Pro subscribers or on the Unity Asset Store / PW store.

You can find the download on Canopy here:

Gaia 2021 downolad

Change Log:

Gaia 2021 v 3.2.1 - Minimum Unity Version: 2020.3
This version can be installed directly over the previous Gaia version 3.2.0

  • Reviewed HDRP pipeline asset for HDRP 12.1 and aligned the settings closer to the Unity defaults
  • Better handling for diffusion profiles in HDRP on pipeline switch
  • Improved handling for collision detection when using spawn extensions
  • Added information about Timeout detection and recovery (TDR) in Windows
  • Fixed a bug where you would not be able to select the terrain tile height anymore
  • Adjusted case-sensitive paths in a shader that would cause errors on Linux
  • Fixed various smaller bugs

About Gaia 2021:

Gaia 2021 is a powerful, all in one world generation, optimization and streaming system that creates stunning mobile, vr, console and desktop landscapes and scenes that run well and look great in minutes.



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