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Ancient Mountains Stamp Pack


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We just released another Stamp Pack - the Ancient Mountains Stamp Pack. Mountains often serve as a fundamental feature in your terrain, since they can be used to divide playable areas, serve as important landmarks or as impressive backdrops - can't ever have enough of them. In this pack you'll find 10 more mountain stamps that were designed to go well with the Ancient Canyons Stamp Pack.

Here you can see some impressions:

Grab 20211221041217 w1920h907 x1194y714z-1342r312.png
Grab 20211221042731 w1920h1080 x820y400z-460r61.png
Grab 20211221050346 w1920h1080 x-9y65z196r194.png
Grab 20211221034048 w1920h1080 x-1y163z-802r64.png
Grab 20211221032432 w1920h1080 x-358y83z5r84.png
Grab 20211221033105 w1920h1080 x922y45z266r244.png
Grab 20211221045756 w1920h1080 x-456y139z67r99.png

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