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Ancient Canyons Stamp Pack


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We just added another Stamp Pack to the Download Section: The Ancient Canyons Stamp Pack. These stamps work great for deserts, games where you need a lot of valleys separated by mountains, or also as independent little islands. If these canyons could talk, what stories of legendary gameplay would they tell? 
Here you can see a few impressions of the stamp included in the pack:

Grab 20211221021827 w1920h907 x-960y93z-687r66.png
Grab 20211221022228 w1920h1080 x-552y27z-439r62.png
Grab 20211221021705 w1920h907 x-353y135z-497r308.png
Grab 20211221014234 w1920h1080 x384y264z135r246.png
Grab 20211221013852 w1920h1080 x-381y200z-371r42.png
Grab 20211221013743 w1920h1080 x-421y164z-164r75.png

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Here are another couple of images to give a different sense of this pack.

Grab 20211220194707 w1920h1080 x700y221z1070r230.jpg

And with the Alpine Biome:

Grab 20211220195946 w1920h1080 x88y153z520r233.jpg

And this next one combines Ancient Canyons with Ancient Mountains (landing very shortly as well). With the Canyons on the right, and the mountain on the left. I quite like the contrast.

Grab 20211221043515 w1920h1080 x1070y409z552r240.jpg


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