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Lighting for Noobs


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So I'm working on trying to refine the procedural lighting on my scene for Gaia Pro with the new Nature spawners. This is what I get with the night time lighting. I'm not in love with the strange glow on some objects and the dark terrain and terrain details. Any suggestions?


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What you are seeing here is missing reflection data for the lighting. If you add reflection probes in the world it will get rid of the reflection issues on the objects giving off this reflection glare.

You can add Reflection Probes from: GameObject/Light/Reflection Probe

Change the Type to Realtime and Refresh Mode to On Awake/On Enable image.png.80928c54e85ec16c50b8106524d283a7.png

Box Size is what you change to cover the area image.png.18d4b74b4a33620f5c515414836e689b.png

You can probably have a few probes cover your landscape.

Also note that the reflection probe needs to be above ground otherwise the capture will not be correct.image.thumb.png.9a5ba00b813ce6d4a80c4fbcf7d49f0c.png


With the lighting you could increase the light intensity to bring some color and shadows in the scene. And you can lower the ambient intensity which if your not in HDRP can be found at Window/Rendering/Lighting. This could help with darkening the shadow areas and with the higher moon intensity will blend nicely together.

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Okay this has set me onto investigating the reflection probes, and there is forward progress! 

I am using: the Gaia Pro 2021 runtime tools, Flora that comes along with the Gaia Pro, working in a multi-scene workflow (player and game elements are segregated in alternate persistent scenes from terrain). 

I have more things.

1. When the game initially launches the runtime reflection probe manager drops the assigned public reference to the player character that is located in a different scene from the terrain and the run time tools.  Can I fix this?  Do I need to break into the underlying scripts to handle the multi-scene workflow?  Is there something simple I'm missing... you know like reflection probes at all...😆

2. How can I correct and/or what is happening with the terrain details (Synty Nature Grasses) rendering with full black shadows?

3. When I'm using the runtime tools Gaia Lighting do I need to create a new profile in order to alter the ambient light?

Also just to throw in here.  I am using Synty assets.  I had a few buildings and assets that were in the scene that did not have the mesh renderer setup with blend probes on the light and reflection probes on the objects themselves.  Game Object > Mesh Renderer > Light Probes and Reflections Probes set to Blend Probes.  That helped to correct some of the reflection behaviors in addition to the probes being added to the terrain scene.

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