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Is it possible to export Gaia and GeNa assets/roads to other scenes?

Xagu Studios
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We have just purchased both Gaia and GeNa. We are still trying to understand how do they work and learning them but we are not sure on how we can export a terrain with it's road mesh to use it on other scenes. We can make a prefab with the terrain itself but we are not able to export the road on it, it's an empty object. We see that when building the road the mesh filter remaihns empty so we suppose that the mesh geometry is generated in runtime by GeNa. Now, we want to save that spline as a mesh so we can combine several terrains on another scene but we can't guess how to achieve this.

Is there any way so we can export this road?

Thanks in advance.

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@Xagu Studios, you can bake a road so that it becomes a mesh that is parented to the terrain that it belongs to (use the split mesh at terrain option).
You could also, then, use the Unity FBX tools to create a prefab out of the baked road meshes (found under the terrain(s)), if you wish/need to.

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First of all thank you very much for your answer. Yes, we are following, or at least we think so, the steps you tell us but when we bake the road, even though the road gameobject parents to the terrain, the mesh filter remains empty (it seems that it is still generated only in that scene). When we make a prefab of it and generate it again from that prefab in the same or another scene the mesh filter remains empty and the object is not rendered.
It could be that we are skipping some necessary step before baking the road but we haven't managed to export the mesh of the object.

Thanks in advance



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@Xagu Studios, what objects are involved in the prefab that you are creating? That is, what is the "root" object from which you are creating the prefab?

The mesh does exist, after baking, and is not regenerated.  The MeshFilter shows an unnamed mesh, instead of "none".  The reason for it being unnamed is that it is not saved as an asset, such as an FBX, but instead is saved within the scene. 

If you want, you can save the mesh, after baking, as an FBX by using the Unity FBX Exporter, which can be installed with the Unity Package Manager.
After installing the FBX Exporter, you can convert the baked road mesh(es) into a prefab:

The only problem that I found is that while the mesh is saved as an FBX file during the conversion, the material appears to be missing in the prefab. You will have to reassign the material to the Mesh Renderer. Then, you should be able to export your package for use in another scene or project.


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Thanks a lot for your answer. We have just migrated from Unity 2019 and did not even known about the existence of tha fbx exporter, we made the prefabs from the old method. Now it works for our purposes. We have to learn how to correctly use your tools,hope we don´t have many doubts in the process.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.


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