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Spawn "bunches" of trees in Gaia spawner


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Hello again!

Looking at the out of the box Coniferous Forest biome, when trees are spawned, they are generally distributed evenly(ish) over the spawn region.

Is there a way to create a less even distribution, and "bunch" trees up across the terrain, creating mini (or maxi) forests with empty space in between?

Is there something in the "zoom" level of a noise map, perhaps? Or create an image map with splodges where I want trees to group?

This must sound incredibly naive, but I'm still very much finding my way around!

Thank you so much again for your help!

  • Unity 2021.2.7f1
  • HDRP 12.1.2
  • Gaia Pro 2021 3.2.0
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Zoomed in the noise mask would make larger clumps yes, while zoomed out is more compacted.
I recommend having the visualization enabled 
image.png this "eye" is the visualization. 

Both of the options you mentioned are pretty much the way to go. 
You could go crazy with it and add a distance mask to control the area, add a height mask to control the height of the spawns, noise would be good for areas. You might need to zoom in a lot for larger areas.   

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