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Published: Dam Content Pack


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We put together a content pack for lake / dam creation: The Dam Content Pack features a collection of sample assets that can be used to build a dam with water overflow VFX  in your scene. The dam uses the early access extrusion feature of GeNa and therefore can easily adapt to different terrains since it is generated dynamically from a spline. 

Here are a few screenshots from complete scenes featuring the dam:

Grab 20220201221632 w2560h1267 x-93y132z12r102.png
Grab 20220201222906 w2560h1267 x-57y132z13r271.png
Grab 20220202215835 w2560h1440 x-185y124z383r126.png

You can see a complete scene being built around this dam in this speed level design video:

Beyond having the dam as a set piece / point of interest in your scene, this pack also serves as an example / learning point for the following:

- Using the Early Access Extrusion feature to build extruded meshes along a spline.
- Creating multiple water levels in your scene
- Using Unity's VFX graph to create water effects in your scene
- Dynamic scripting for VFX (switching on / off the water effects with nice transitions between the states)

You can get download the pack as a Canopy Pro subscriber from here:

Dam Content Pack Download

To repeat the process shown in the video, please follow the instructions in the Canopy Library article.

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