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AQUAS is one of the - if not THE - most well known water systems available for Unity. From its early days it was easily set up directly via Gaia. Now we're working hard to make sure, every version of AQUAS is fully integrated with every version of Gaia, to make sure, you don't spend much time having to set up your water.

This way setting up AQUAS becomes part of the Gaia workflow, so instead of first working with Gaia, then move over to AQUAS to do set up the water, AQUAS is reduced to a mere step in the level design pipeline of Gaia. In short: Click = Water, and you're done.



At the time of writing this, the only available integration is between 'AQUAS Water/River Set' And Gaia. Full integration between all versions of AQUAS and Gaia has not yet been established. Expect it in the very near future. We will keep this thread posted.


AQUAS on the Asset store >>




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AQUAS is an amazing water asset, and has long been one of my favorite water solutions.

With this integration you will be able to choose AQUAS or Gaia, and while Gaia provides a generic water solution it is really a terrain / world generation solution, whereas AQUAS is a water specialist and it shows!

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