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Character model looks like TV static

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Hi, I'm using the default settings that come with a Gaia generated map. But the screen space global illumination setting is causing the shadows on my models to look like TV static. If I turn this setting off, the character model is fine, but obviously everything else looks worse. If I turn this setting to high, it seems to solve the problem, but my fps tank by like 50%. Also it seems to only happen when my character is in movement. Is there something going on here?

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seems like it might be a limitation of unity. I found this:


SSGI really helps in adding depth and realism to the scene... no baking here just one realtime reflection probe and SSGI... there are a bit artifacts and some nosie on the character while moving in indoor scenes but i am finding ways to reduce it... Currently TAA does help in reducing the noise but there is a bit of smudging caused by it....

exact problem more or less that I'm having. I also had TAA off which mad it worse

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Well HDRP generally runs better with TAA on and set to high quality. Note that the SSGI will add light bounce where needed this can indeed darken shadows but you can also crank up the ambient diffuse lighting by tweaking the Indriect Lighting Controller that is found on the HD Environment Volume in the scene.


The Indirect Diffuse Lighting Multiplier is probably something you'd want to play with. Given your are using a morning or evening light the dynamic ambient lighting is very limited due to the low light angle.


Also insure in the visual environment you are using dynamic as the ambient mode. If it is static you will need to manually set this up in the lighting panel window.

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Also please note that this could be issues within the Unity beta and we do not support Beta versions of Unity. Also note that in the last few versions of Unity they have changed their render graph core code in the editor which has caused some issues with rendering in URP and HDRP this could also be effecting the beta version you are using too.

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Ya, TAA is just doesn't look as good to me, oh, well small price to pay. But the indirect diffuse lighting multiplier did the trick, had to turn that down. Thank you! Any tricks for maybe bringing that kind of lighting back, since it's a tad darker than I'd like. Guess I'll just have to find a happy medium.

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