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Ground Texture Pack 01


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The Ground Texture Pack contains 18 high quality textures at 2k resolution with full SRP support. This pack also contains pre-configured terrain layers and Gaia texture spawners. The texture spawners can be used as a starting point for new scenes, or it is possible to load the spawners into existing scenes as well.
The pack contains some textures designed to appear as puddle / mud on the terrain, and is ready for height blending with the HDRP terrain shader.

The pack is available in the download area here: Ground Texture Pack 01
You can find more information about how to use the pack in the Canopy Library article.




Grab 20220203112008 w3840h2160 x-57y53z188r328.png

Grab 20220203105857 w3840h2160 x-283y35z-305r117.png

Grab 20220203110249 w3840h2160 x-250y43z-306r154.png

Grab 20220203110431 w3840h2160 x-98y100z-281r51.png

Grab 20220203110515 w3840h2160 x49y29z5r11.png

Grab 20220208055042 w3840h2160 x247y29z-72r165.png
Grab 20220208055247 w3840h2160 x250y27z3r1.png

Grab 20220203110531 w3840h2160 x-17y44z154r298.png

Grab 20220203110728 w3840h2160 x-118y71z251r207.png

Grab 20220203111051 w3840h2160 x-291y34z-310r52.png

Grab 20220203111101 w3840h2160 x-240y46z-322r66.png

Grab 20220203111622 w3840h2160 x-249y43z-307r69.png

Grab 20220203111920 w3840h2160 x54y40z92r33.png

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