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Rail Shooter Game Template


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We are pleased to announce our first Game Template for Canopy Pro subscribers.

This little demo video was literally made in minutes. This is what we did:

  • We created a world in Gaia Pro 2021
  • We spawned in the sample Synty Low Poly Biome
  • We exported the terrain to a low poly mesh, at 8th resolution
  • We added the Gaia Runtime, and chose the low poly option on the water
  • We hit F11 to load up Camera Mode to tweak the runtime lighting
  • We added the game template, and spawned it along a spline with GeNa Pro
  • We tweaked some settings and pressed play!
  • Boom!

The template leverages the power and capability of Gaia Pro 2021 and GeNa Pro to spawn worlds, and enemies, and drive the player through the scene along a spline to experience shooter gameplay on rails!

The AI does not shoot back yet, but will in the next week as we drive this to completion and release.

These templates are being designed for mix and match game play, and the next one planned after this is a 3D Tower Defence!

More information will be provided in the next week or so when it launches!


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