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Will Gaia and Gena allow for creating worlds at runtime and not just in editor?

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Hi There,

I've had Gaia and Gena for the last couple years but have not really used it. I've got to the part in my development where I want to see if your tools will allow me to create the world I am looking to create.  I must say not only are the tools looking and feeling better but your documentations and videos are much easier to follow.

My question is: I have been attempting to create a world that autogenerates the terrain and spawns the biomes in runtime (think Valheim and Minecraft). Basically generating the seed based terrain off stamps or noise or both. I've played with the MapMagic bundle and technically the system does what I want but I would need to build a whole lot more into it to spawn Biomes with prefabs as well as your system controls them. Is this possible with Gena Pro and Gaia Pro 2021? And if so can you head me in the right direction via forum posts, articles or videos? I've coded a good chunk of my game over the last year and it all works well on static terrains I build, but I'm just trying to revisit my dream of actually making the world procedurally generated at runtime based off of a set of rules designed into a world building system. I love the procedurally generated content I can create in the editor with your products but I'd like to see if I can take that next step. I've really scoured your videos, tutorials, and forum posts to answer this question and have had no luck. I'm presuming if Gaia can do this there is an API I can hook into but haven't found this yet.

Any help would be truly appreciated.

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We talk to this over here:

Bottom line, GeNa Pro already supports sophisticated runtime spawning, and will soon also do terrain and biome based spawning.

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Hi Adam,

Thank you for your reply. I was pretty sure that Gaia had no API for building terrains at runtime yet I just wanted to hear it from the horses mouth. A couple years back when I first bought your product I thought since you named yourselves Procedural Worlds, that your definition of procedural was the same as mine. Of course a couple years later I am well aware of in-editor "procedural" so it all makes more sense now. 

At them moment I am getting MapMagic2 working for the base terrain and biome generation and testing GeNa running the procedural asset generation on top of the Biomes. Not sure if I will get the more fine grained control that I want but I'll hopefully have a proof of concept in a couple weeks before finally committing to it or going back to a very large static terrain system.


I am interested in seeing where Gena goes with the runtime terrain generation. That would be awesome. I look forward to hearing about the progress along the way. 

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I also was thinking of procedural the same way you were. I'm working on a static map for now but will look into GeNa or subscription on e that is added to it. 

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