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URP Water Shadows and Shader Graph Help?


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***URP*** Hello, I am trying to figure out how to get Gaia's water to receive shadows, and more generally, I am looking for help on how to use the custom Shadergraph functions for water (PW_WaterSurface, PW_WaterAmounts, etc.). If there are any resources on how to utilize these functions that would be nice. Otherwise, some advice on how to get shadows on PW_Water would be great.

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To enable shadows on the water all you need to do is create your water through the runtime. 
After the water is created you will want to open the child of the Gaia Water and click on the water surface. 

In the inspector you can turn on cast shadows: 

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I must be doing something wrong - Shadows dont appear on the water surface.


Here is the expected shadow:


And here is the resultant shadow:



This is using a fresh scene, all I did was open Gaia manager and set up a terrain. Then I checked Cast Shadows under the Water renderer's settings. To clarify: Im looking for shadows that appear on the water surface. Maybe theres another setting somewhere that I accidentally toggled off, etc.

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@Kalificus what version of Unity are you using?
Asking the water to cast shadows isn't going to help with it receiving shadows from other objects.

Whatever is below the water, terrain?, isn't receiving any shadows from the cube either.

I'll run some tests to see what I come up with.

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@Clyde Hello, there is no terrain under the water in that screenshot. Shadows work for all other aspects of my scene (including Gaia terrain) - its just the water that doesnt seem to be receiving. My Unity version is 2020.3.2f1, the Render Pipeline asset is UPRenderPipelineAsset PWS UP 8.2.0. URP version is 10.3.2.


In case its useful:



Appreciate the help

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On 4/17/2022 at 5:43 PM, Kalificus said:


Hello, I am following up on this issue. Any progress? Thanks

I think that @Isaac has a solution coming soon. I saw sneek peeks of it and it works.

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