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Update : PW Toolbox 1.0.2 Up to 800% framerate improvement


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We are excited to bring you the latest iteration of PW Toolbox for our Canopy subscribers.

With this release we were able to get significantly better frame rate improvements... our worst case was around 200%, our typical case was 4-500%, and our best case, with Occlusion culling as well was a massive 800% over what we started with!

This comes out of our work on scene optimization for Mobile and VR. Please note - the video below shows how we optimized the Synty demo scene in their POLYGON Fantasy Kingdom pack, but the techniques we use have value in any scene with any assets.

What you will achieve in your game will depend on scene composition, art and even where your camera is pointing. That said, if you are doing any sort of scene that has lots of game objects, then we are sure you will get a significant improvement!

You can download the latest iteration of PW Toolbox here and learn about our subscription offer, starting at $39 per month here.

v 1.0.2 Changelog:

- Improved performance boost significantly.
- Improved overall UI/UX.

[New Features]
- Added layer distance culling feature.
- Added new defaults for culling.

[Bug Fixes]
- Fixed bug with collision scale.

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