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Create Impostors for selected terrain

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Hello !

I have weird problem. I have very big world with 360 tiles of map. I have to generate impostors for all of them. But in that case i need like >100GB RAM (64GB RAM is not enough, i tested it already). So my idea was to generate impostors for each level separately. In the GAIA Menu i see option like that in the Selection part. But i dont know how can i select specific terrain to generate impostors only for that specifc terrain ? 

Best Regards

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Yeah.. I've come across this same issue with a larger world size. Unfortunately, you can not select which terrains get imposters or not. Gaia creates imposters to quicken the loading and rendering process for the player and its for all terrains which is then handled by the terrain loader manager as the player traverses the world. Create the imposters and they will load automatically as a low resolution and detail when the player is farther away (controlled on the Terrain Loader Component usually placed on the player GO and/or other GOs)


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