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Visualization Tool Missing


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The visualization tool (the little eyeball that toggles whether or not you can see the way a particular rule will affect the terrain) is missing along with the move up/down buttons. I tried installing Gaia Pro 2019 in an entirely new project to confirm that this is the case, and it still happens. Any insight would be appreciated.


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Hi @Low_on_Mana please try to make the inspector window a bit wider, then the icons should appear. They get hidden when the inspector gets too narrow.

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13 minutes ago, Low_on_Mana said:

Thank you, i'm an idiot.

Not really - Gaia does not a good job with telling you that something might appear there if the space was a bit bigger. We got the suggestion from another user to put something like (...) there to indicate that, need to add that in the next update.

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