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Lakes and Dams with GeNa Pro


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We are about to launch a rather cool feature for GeNa Pro:

We made a tutorial on how to make lakes and dams with GeNa Pro, and will also post the special assets we created in the video above as well in the pack when it releases later this week.


Check out the dam wall - it was made with the new mesh extrusion tool we have been working on!

You can read the article here:

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An update for those following / stumbling upon this thread: We have released the dam content pack - a collection of assets that will help you to reproduce the results shown in the post above and more. You can see it in action in this speed level design video here:

The pack is available in our download section for our Canopy Pro subscribers here:

Dam Content Pack Download

To reproduce the results shown in the video, please follow the instructions in the Canopy Library documentation article.


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