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Terrain Vegetation flickering when moving third person player

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Hey i'm have a odd problem where when i turn my player around to face the camera but keep the camera facing the same direction, when i just start to move the vegetation flickers like it's being culled. but my camera is still facing it... if it is just culling it like that. 1. Why would it do that? could it have something to do with my players terrain loading component? 2. If thats not the problem then is there any way to add a slight delay to the culling? I haven't baked occlusion culling or anything like that yet.

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Is it possible if you can take a small video showing what's happening? 
Also what vegetation are you using, is it from one of the preset biomes? 
What Unity version and pipeline are you using? 

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I had a similar problem when I uploaded a 3rd party asset that spawned in its own controller. I found that once I got rid of one of the controllers it got rid of the problem.  It 100% it's the same problem but figured I'd share. I disabled the Gaia controller and had to figure out why the land and stuff all disappeared but then it works perfectly. 

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