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Get this reverb out of my sound system

Sorra the Orc

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Something is adding an Audio Reverb Filter to my camera. Where is it coming from? How do I turn it off, simply removing it results in it coming back.

As a general comment Gaia does *FAR* too much of this kind of thing. I get that you are trying to give new users an awesome out of the box experience, but you are making it super hard for more experienced users to get their work done.

Another example of this is your Auto Depth of Field thing, at least that one tells me where to go to turn it off... errr... but its not helpful...




What am I supposed to do to stop Gaia messing with my setup? Maybe set it to None? But then how would Gaia know where my player is for the things I do want (like sky).

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Quick follow up as I had a brainwave after my rant. If you disable the components they don't get re-enabled. So don't remove them disable them.

I'd still like them gone completely though.


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