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Regarding Ray tracing

Bharat Sharma

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There are bunch of errors after enabling ray tracing and nothing renders in the editor terrain disappear. Using 2020.3.26f HDRP.


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Which version of HDRP is that? I know that some versions have this issue if there are particle effects in the scene, though it should be fixed already. Also, I don’t recommend to use raytracing (which is in preview anyways) in 2020.3. Not even I touched it really before 2021.2 where it has become kinda stable, still having its issues though. 

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I personally try to avoid HDRP at all costs. I do all my raytracing in the built-in pipeline. 

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We had confirmation from Unity that there was a significant regression with HDRP. These should be fixed in version 21.2.9.

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