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Is the Gaia Wind loopable?


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I'm currently working on a very large scene for a render. And my colleagues asked me, if its possible to loop the wind of Gaia.
So that we can do a frameloop of the scenebackground with the wind and therfore don't need to render so many frames in addition.
I was like when Gaia uses a moving generated noise map to emulate the wind it will be very unlikely. But here I'm asking: Is the PW Wind Zone loopable?

Thanks in advance!

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I have never tried to achieve that, but I would say: No, it is not possible. There are two components to this: There is the unity wind zone in the scene, which produces a random output which would not loop, and there is the vegetation shaders, which further apply randomness to the pulse from the wind zone, which by design would also rather create a non-repeated pattern. You would need to change both systems to make them loop at the same time.

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