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Terrain and Grass not racting to custom pass in HDRP 2021.2.7f1


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Following problem I'm running into:
I need to do some custom render passes for later use in compositing. The testing pass is just flat yellow.
But I'm running into the problem that the Gaia Terrain and Grass is excluded. I tried various settings in different componets to no avail.

I'm using 2021.2.7f1 HDRP and Gaia 2021 Pro.


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I assume you are using Flora for the terrain details as well? I could imagine that this issue is tied to instancing - The unity terrain (Gaia Terrain = Unity Terrain) does have a setting called "Draw Instanced" in the Terrain Inspector settings.


Could you please try to switch that off to see if it works then? If it does, this would mean that custom render passes might  have an issue with instanced rendering. 

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