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sectr vis 是否只剔除整个隐形扇区?在演示中,为什么玩家附近的那些立方体在不在镜头中时无法被剔除。以及为什么在开放世界演示中,树木没有被剔除。


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Translated Question:


Does sectr vis just cull entire invisible sectors? In the demo, why those cubes near the player cannot be culled when they are not in the camera. and why in the open world demo the trees are not culled.

How to generate a portal on flat ground if there are no doors or passages

Yes, it works by analyzing the connection between the sectors to determine which sectors are visible and which are not. Note that unity always does do frustum culling (things on camera are not rendered) even when you cannot see this in the scene view - so there would be no advantage if sectr would also hide those cubes or the trees on the terrain you are standing on additionally. Please see the information here under "Clip Planes:"

You can't generate a portal without a mesh, if you need to generate a portal you would need to create a temporary mesh for the purpose of the portal generation, then remove it afterwards. Could you please explain a bit what you want to do with this portal? Because normally if you wanted to evaluate vision / culling through a hole in the ground, you would need a mesh to block the vision as well.

Translated answer:

是的,它通过分析扇区之间的联系来确定哪些扇区是可见的,哪些是不可见的。 请注意,即使您在场景视图中看不到,unity 总是会进行平截头体剔除(不会渲染相机上的东西) - 因此,如果 sectr 也会隐藏您所站立的地形上的那些立方体或树木,那将没有任何优势 此外。 请参阅此处“剪切平面:”下的信息

您无法在没有网格的情况下生成门户,如果您需要生成门户,则需要创建一个临时网格以用于生成门户,然后将其删除。 你能解释一下你想用这个门户做什么吗? 因为通常如果你想通过地面上的一个洞来评估视觉/剔除,你也需要一个网格来阻挡视觉。

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What about the cubes and point light with soft shadow within the camera's view frustum behind that wall

https://docs.unity3d.com/2022.1/Documentation/Manual/OcclusionCulling.html   and occlusion culling can save the calculation of checking whether the objects are visible within the camera.

Does it mean VIS suit for procedural dungeon game? If I ramdomly walk near to some big rock in open world, and I hope the objects behind rock could also be culled, then placing too many sectors and portals might be a tough work. In unity, I can simply bake with one click for indoor or open world, but I can't place sectors or portals automatically. 


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It looks like in that screenshot the player is in the hallway between the green and the yellow room. The red room has a light on it, and a shadow cast from that room might fall into the hallway due to the light, this is why the room is not culled at this angle / view point. You can check this by deactivating the light in the red room, it should be culled earlier then.
Or you can activate the "cull in editor" setting on the Sectr Culling Camera to see some blue view cones in the scene view. When selecting both the player and the light you can see how the area of the point light (white box) intersects with the blue vision cones:

10 hours ago, yangjianing said:

Does it mean VIS suit for procedural dungeon game?

Yes, it is most useful for that - if you have a large static environment, especially outdoors, you would not gain much from sectr because you can just run the baked occlusion culling of unity and get advantages like larger objects hiding other objects. When you have a dungeon that is generated during runtime, the baked occlusion culling does not work, but sectrs occlusion culling will if your procedural generation can then also set up the portals between the dungeon parts correctly.

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